fashion designing institute

Fashion Designing:

Fashion design is mainly an art of designing efficiently and visually attractive clothing. In a precise way to be successful fashion designers have to study their expertise well. A fashion designing short course would be helpful and can provide basics for the further higher studies in art and fashion design and Baabroz provides you all the skills required or this creativeness.  Fashion designing course basically covers the art of manipulation elegant clothing and other related fashion accessories. Following are aims of this fashion designing course:

  • To provide as much opportunities as possible to professional arts, fashion and design aspirants to practice the mysterious world.
  • Each course allows the aspirants to grip the key points and concepts of their related subject.
  • These short courses are perfect as an introductory course that led to career-oriented studies.
  • Participants have chances to discover the advanced level of expertise and training in executive short courses.

Distinctive features:

If you want to become a great fashion designer and want to excel in this field then, Baabroz- fashion designing college would be the best option for you as we provide best fashion designing courses in our institution.  Following are distinctive features of our institute:

  • These courses are principally the understanding of the work of renowned fashion designers.
  • Our instructors will teach you the basic of fashion designing.
  • A thorough introduction to fashion design course would enable the aspirants to choose whether this field would fit their career or not.
  • We also offer online fashion design courses thus provide you all of the facilities of learning conveniently at home.
  • This discipline emphasizes on strong communication skills to raise the confidence of students so that they can better share their ideas.
  • Our fashion school in Lahore, Pakistan provides experienced opportunities for arts, fashion, and design for the aspirants in a very short period of time.
  • All courses are taught individually with group-oriented activities sustained by lectures, presentations, and workshops in the field.
  • The course also discovers the role of the fashion designer with participants effective on innovative research for an individual design compilation through recreational learning approach.

Textile designing:

A person interested in creating the fabrics used in interior design and fashion industry must think about textile designing short courses. Start of the course includes an introduction to fashion drawing and design, analysis of principles of developing fashion assortments like fabric, color charts, etc, silhouette, color palettes, use of suitable fabrics and financial considerations. The second phase of the course provides understanding to basics of fashion design, formulation of innovative ideas, and visual representation of appealing designs, illustration techniques, and study of upcoming trends. The last phase, of course, includes an understanding of inspirational theme selection and formation of collection portfolio.

Pattern making: In this dress design course, learners study how to produce their own unique patterns through the use of sewing machines. They learn basic drafting and body measurement tools to generate simple and complex patterns for dresses using computer-based design programs.

Draping: In this technique, students learn how to manipulate fabric shape and pattern. It concentrates modern designing standards, so they can model their outfit according to industry expectations.

Tailoring: It includes fitting of a pattern according to the exact shape of the person. Students study adding pockets, designing of collars, create buttonholes and pressing of the finished product.

Textiles: In this course, students learn to study a different type of stitches, fabric and their durability. In this technique, students learn how to design fabric and pattern in more than one style.

Sewing techniques: In this class, students learn the use of sewing machines, various stitching patterns and how to take proper body measurements.

Dress designing: This course includes an understanding of various fashion trends. All these techniques are taught and then practiced by the student so they can gain experience.

Outcomes of the course:

  • Aspirants are able to build the basic silhouettes and match fabrics with color selection.
  • Students are able to analyze how changing trends influence the collection.
  • Through project-based studies, students are able to make their designs and drawing skills, learn about texture, fabric, patterns creation and garment making.