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Graphic Designing Courses in Lahore

What is Graphic Designing? Graphic designing uses images and typography compositions for problem-solving and communication of ideas. There are more than single approaches to communicate in such a way that may overlap but they require a distinct set of skills and techniques. Designers mainly focus on a single area of specialization but as we can see that the industry is changing day by day they must adopt a set of related types of designing courses. Baabroz is top graphic designing institutes in Lahore and providing such graphic designing courses in Lahore that will not only assure your today’s job but also secure your future in this rapidly changing industry.  The specializations of Graphic Designing Courses include:

  • Visual identity graphic design (Images, logos for website or a brand)
  • Marketing and advertising graphic design (Social media ads, magazines, banners, brochures, vehicle wrap, menus, email marketing template, images for websites and blogs, powerpoint presentations, etc)
  • User interface graphic design (Webpage, App, Games and theme designs)
  • Publication graphic design (books, reports, newspaper, annual reports, catalogs, newsletters, directories, etc)
  • Packaging graphic design (labels and logos on food items toys or other brands etc)
  • Motion graphic design (GIFs, websites, Apps, Games, animated logos, tutorial videos, banners, promotional videos, trailers, presentations, etc)
  • Environmental graphic design (architectural, interior, landscape designs, etc)
  • Art and illustration for graphic design (Book covers, T-shirts designs, comic books, Album art, stock images, graphics partner for textile, concept art, video games, technical illustration, infographics, etc)

Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is a process of insightful communication either by hand or by using a computer software in order to make it attractive for the client. It is an effective way of communication in which images and words are produced side by side. Baabroz, the graphic design institute provides best and cost-effective graphic designing services and graphics designing courses in Lahore. The course will be completed under the following course headings:

  • Fundamentals of graphic designing courses
  • Introduction to typography
  • Introduction to image-making
  • Ideas from history f graphic designing

Course Specialization:

Following are the distinguishing features of a graphic design course offered by Baabroz graphic design institute:

  • This course will make the students able to the basic skills required for making classy and unique graphic designs so that they can efficiently communicate with the public.
  • The course includes several assignments that will enhance your graphics abilities and a final project that would be helpful in your professional portfolio.
  • The purpose of this specialization is to provide you basic concepts about graphic designs and then the final special project will be assigned to assess your abilities and ideas regarding the graphic design that will make you master in your skills.
  • The entire course is designed in such a way that will provide you the fundamental history of graphic design and also make you able to transform your own unique and exclusive ideas in the form of images and typography.
  • You can choose any of the specialization filed of your own interest.
  • After successful completion of the program, students will be awarded course completion certificates that will allure their professional career.

Online graphic design courses:

Besides regular classes of graphic designing, we are also offering free online graphic design courses and lectures for those aspirants that do not have enough time to attend regular classes. These courses include comprehensive lectures on drawing and illustration, color, pattern, design fundamentals, typography, adobe illustrator, branding, and web designing. These online courses include:

  • Detailed tutorials from start to end
  • Provide you with the secrets of graphic design creation
  • You will also get a project file that will improve your workflow.

Logo design training:

Logo designing is a vital part of the current visual landscape. Before designing your own logo, it is significant to recognize the components and techniques following the successful logos. This course provides gradual training on logo design. In this course, we will teach you from basic to specialized techniques of using Adobe Illustrator for making of successful, unique logo designs. Following fundamental techniques should be kept in mind before making of a logo:

  • Selection of precise typography
  • Designing with easy shapes
  • Adding consistent edges
  • Designing with pessimistic space
  • Color selection
  • Preparation of final files

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