Arts and Designing Courses

Ranging from the convenient courses in graphic arts, film making, painting or photography to production courses like art history, fine arts courses take up a wide diversity of disciplines. These fine arts courses are well suited to full-time aspirants, students, job holders as well as all those individuals who are interested in this subject, these fine arts classes are an open platform for all those individuals who are interested. Some of these courses demand the acquiescence of a portfolio before enrollment to ensure the fundamental knowledge of the students.

Fine Arts Courses

In different fine arts courses, students also learn different related subjects. Like in fine arts course related to business, aspirants will be taught the fundamentals to sell, promoting, purchasing and supporting art. If you are interested in developing your art skills and information about your selected art course then Baabroz is a prominent institute as we offer different arts and design courses and prepare students for their career in arts. Some of the fine arts and design courses offered by our art school are:

  • Color and design
  • Painting
  • Digital photography
  • Printmaking
  • 2D and 3D drawings
  • Sculpture and ceramics

There are so many lines of business for aspirants having an art and design degree. Most job opportunities are based on the area of specialization of arts and design. Some of these job offers include:

  • Product designer
  • Art director
  • Multimedia artist
  • Illustrator
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Employment outlook

Some programs, for example, offer more than one area to focus that may include, jewelry, studio art, and metalsmithing or graphic design, sketching and printmaking. While on the other side, some courses offer a focus in design computation or architectural theory and many others.

Our Best Short Courses

Distinct features:

Following are the aims and objectives of the course and distinctive features of our institution:

  • Aim of our art school is to train and enhance the creative thinking of aspirants so to produce experts and professionals in the fine arts industry.
  • Besides emphasizing on learning we also focus on creative thoughts of students followed by practical instructions.
  • All of the teachings are practical and studio based.
  • Students are also provided assistance regarding the basis of materials regarding their respective area of interest.
  • Besides self-analyzing the projects, they are also evaluated by external examiners from other institutions.

On Board Expertise of Baabroz

On Board Expertise of Baabroz


Computer Courses:

Computers are complicated machines but yet they are not much smarter. That is why the world requires computer operators to program computers and makes them do smart work. Computer course is an extensive field of study that deals with learning of programming languages and algorithms as well as developing skills in generating applications, software, and web pages. These courses prepare the aspirants for a variety of jobs including basic jobs such as data entry to more advanced jobs such as graphic designer and web designer. Aspirants are also prepared to sustain databases and designing user interfaces. These courses are the simplest way to learn basic IT skills. These courses are for beginners, job holders, executives and there is no age limit for this course. Some of the basic courses offered by our institution to our aspirants are:

  • The graphic designing course includes learning of Photoshop and CorelDRAW.
  • Web designing courses (Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver).
  • Web development courses (Xamp server, PHP, MySQL).
  • 2D Animation courses include an understanding of visual designing, cartoon drawing, lightbox animation.
  • Creative presentation course includes making use of PowerPoint, Photoshop, and flash.
  • Interior designing courses (design concepts, color visualization, 2D/ 3D perspective drawing, interior design concepts).
  • Digital album designing course (Photoshop, flash slideshow maker professional, Photo Dream, Picasa, Tilting effects).

Basics for becoming a professional

This course includes an understanding of:

  • Basic components of the computer
  • Operations
  • Interface
  • A basic operation in files
  • Start menu
  • Typing
  • Microsoft office
  • Installation of basic software
  • Transfer from secondary devices like CD/DVD etc.
  • Start>RUN
  • Internet exploring
  • Mail attachment
  • Online banking

Eligibility and Course duration:

  • Anyone who is interested in this course can apply. There is no restriction on education, age, and gender.
  • All of these courses are of three-month duration.

Our Students Working: