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Acting Classes:

Baabroz is the best acting and drama school in Lahore and providing acting classes in Lahore. This acting course is suitable for complete beginners or people that are returning to acting after a long break who are looking to brush up their skills and increase their confidence.

Through improvisation exercises and character development, you will develop a basic acting vocabulary. You will explore techniques in freeing the actor’s voice, imagination and physicality, as well as enhancing skills in working sportively with others in the creation of character, situation, and role. Baabroz is the best acting institute in Lahore and Our teachers for acting classes are from NCA Drama and Film Faculty.

Acting Courses Steps:


  1. Subtext and storytelling in acting
  2. Script analysis
  3. Stage performance
  4. Rehearsal – improvisation
  5. speaking out an interior monologue
  6. Rehearsing the script beat by beat
  7. Film making skills
  8. Understanding the process of Film Production
  9. Stages of Film & Drama Making in broad terms
  10. Voice and movement
  11. Drama & Theater
  12. Advanced acting skills
  13. The Meisner technique
  14. Mast & Improvisation
  15. Stanislavski and Clown
  16. Audition workshop and preparation
  17. Dialect workshop
  18. Introduction to combat movement
  19. Motion capturing
  20. Acting careers
  21. Industry showcase

Class Method Step By Step

  1. Breathing / Yoga Session
  2. Focus Exercises
  3. Mirror Exercises
  4. Theater Games
  5. Vocal Exercises
  6. Nine Emotions Practice
  7. Story Cycle
  8. Dramatic & Theater Style
  9. Short Performance

Acting School

Besides all the above-described learning, participants will be directed towards various acting institutes so that they may explore and learn from live performances. Moreover, from Baabroz acting or drama school, some well-known celebrities from the showbiz industry will be called to give occasional lectures to inspire all participants and to build a link with industry for their career growth.

In the end, of acting course, certificates will be awarded to candidates and they will be referred to various studios so that they may work on small projects like short films, dramas, TV commercials & Theater.

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