photography courses in lahore

Photography Courses in Lahore

Are you eager to learn professional photography course? Do you aim to begin your passion for photography as your profession? If yes, Baabroz the design house offers the most comprehensive and updated photography courses in Lahore. We have designed these courses after a lot of research and these courses also explain to you that rather than technology, the story makes a picture look more stunning. As pictures articulate louder than words.

At Baabroz we offer great learning opportunities for you to polish your existing photography skills and learn new developing skills. Our photography courses are really different from average photography courses as it will raise your aesthetic sense to take images and expand the technical perceptive of photography. We train you:

  • The philosophy of photography
  • Development of concepts
  • Working with subjects
  • Shooting with natural light
  • Generation of lively images in post-production
Photography Course in Lahore
Photography Course

This photography course is designed for beginners as well as professionals to enhance their expertise and skills. This course mainly focuses on the working of the camera, their different settings, and techniques. Here is a concise outline of the course:

Why Learn Photography Courses:

In this course, you will learn manual and digital settings of the camera such as:

  • Exposure triangle
  • Shutter
  • Aperture
  • Auto mode
  • ISO speed
  • Histogram
  • Light meters
  • Manual and autofocus
  • Picture styles
  • White balance
  • Color temperature
  • Photographic Lens
  • Digital camera and present-day: In this course, we will teach you composition, techniques and advanced settings of a digital camera. You will also learn the importance of shooting Raw, external lighting and flash photography.
  • Types of shots in photography: This part will teach you perspectives and angles in photography, rule of thirds, background selection, depth of field and color difference can make your pictures.
  • Different Types of Photography: In this section of the course, we will explain in detail the various types of photography such as:
    • Landscape photography
    • Fashion photography
    • Portrait photography
    • Wedding photography
    • Architectural photograph
    • Street photography
    • Sports photography
  • Indoor Photography Techniques: Our experts will teach you all about indoor photography techniques of fashion, wedding, portrait, and product imaging photography.
  • Outdoor Photography Techniques: In this module, you will learn the street, landscape and sports photography.
  • Post Production: In this course, you will learn how to edit and finalize a picture. We will teach you some amazing software for editing such as Digital Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Display of your work: At the end of the course you will also get a chance to organize your photos, establish a workflow and display your work or whatever you have learned during the course.

Distinct features of this Photography diploma:

Following special features of our photography classes will emphasize you to get enrolled in our institute for learning photography:

  • We will provide you grip over the basics of concepts of photography gradually moving toward the complex camera tools and shooting philosophies.
  • Besides theoretical learning, our photography classes also focus on practical training of students.
  • These courses are offered at affordable charges possible for everyone.
  • Our photography classes will help you gain thorough knowledge about photography and its related concepts.
  • We ensure your confidence about photography skills as we have chosen the best teachers and professionals that will guide you in every step of the course.
  • Our experts are always updating the course to provide you the latest skills in photography.
  • Class Activities include practical sessions, photo walks, assignments, quizzes, presentations and then a final assessment that will enhance and polish your professional abilities.
Photography Courses
Photography Courses in Lahore

Who should take these photography classes?

If you have a DSLR camera or you are thinking to buy it but uncertain due to the complexity of its buttons and dials, then classes are for you. Because Baabroz offering the best photography courses in Lahore. Besides that this course is designed for:

  • Those who want to learn the basics of photography
  • Those who are enthusiastic to learn professional photography
  • Those want to learn new techniques and polish their skills of existing photography
  • Advertisers for product promotion
  • Employees of marketing and advertising companies so that they can enhance their photo ad campaigns
  • Social media experts for capturing perfect images for their posts
  • Anyone who want certification in photography

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