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Sketching & Drawing Classes

Baabroz an art school and providing a Drawing course & Sketching classes in Lahore. Art can take different shapes and forms ranging from paintings to sculptures to digital art recreations. Baabroz is an art school that provides you with drawing classes and sketching classes includes learning the foundation of arts and design discipline. Professional artists and individuals who love expressing their creativeness take these art classes to discover new skills and gain more expertise. Beginners are introduced to essential tools and ideas, whereas those having more experience broaden their skills and creativeness in more developed courses.

Sketching & Drawing Course

We offering a drawing course, sketching course, painting, color and designs for those who are interested in arts about famous artists, their theories and main art pieces like sketches, drawings in history. We have developed an art practice in our drawing and sketching course of thorough studio training in drawing, color theory, painting, and electives customized to their interests.

Arts School:

Baabroz an art school is offering drawing classes and sketching classes in Lahore for career-oriented aspirants. This course in fine arts also offers further areas of professional awareness for students to select from. For example, some courses offer areas of interest in sketching, drawing, studio art, jewelry, metalsmithing, graphic design, printmaking, architectural theory, design computation.

Some of the arts and design courses offered by our institute include:

There are also so many career opportunities for professionals along with a degree in arts and design. The career prospects of the students are determined by the field of their specialization. Our Fine arts courses Faculty from NCAPIFD, and PU are the best in Pakistan.


Drawing classes:

Skills of Drawing is an art you can learn at any age. Baabroz, art school brings drawing classes for all of you in Lahore who want to learn basics or modern techniques in drawing. We have dozens of instructors that give drawing lessons for beginners, middle and advanced level artists. From these classes you can learn how to set up a studio, shade correctly, create line drawings and cartoons. Some modules that you will learn from these classes include:

  • Introduction of drawing
  • Drawing from line to life
  • Preface to contour drawing
  • Drawing asymmetrical design
  • Draw with pen and ink
  • Draw with colored pencils

Sketching classes:

Sketching is defined as an important means of preface conception for drawn pieces, setting out of starting goals and ideas of the concluding drawing through comprehensive and emergent sketches. Baabroz provides sketching classes in Lahore. Following concepts are delivered to aspirants during the course:

  • Observational drawing
  • Media exploration
  • Drawing techniques
  • Human body and forms
  • Environmental sketch
  • Industrial design
  • Drafting techniques

With the broad understanding of the principles of sketching, drawing, and design, aspirants have to generate their own personal independent projects that would be analyzed by the departmental teachers.

sketching classes in lahore
sketching classes in Lahore

Painting Courses:

Painting is basically articulation of visual and verbal ideas. The Painting courses introduce aspirants to a wide variety of mediums like acrylics, oils, mix media, watercolors, and tempera. Students experiment with different materials to create a personal approach for making an image. Following lessons are integral components of the painting courses are:

  • Introduction to qualities of papers
  • Offset and direct method lithography
  • Relief printing processes (linocut and woodcut)
  • Digital printmaking
  • Printing inks and materials
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Miniature painting

Following are the distinct features of the painting course and the institute:

  • The well-lit studio classes provide sufficient room for painting projects.
  • Baabroz the design house is one of the best well-equipped institutes of Lahore, Pakistan.
  • The course is based on practical training rather than simple illustration regarding all techniques for instance etching, dry paint, photo-etching, engraving, and aquatint on zinc and copper plates.
  • Aspirants learn the making of traditional paper called wasli, preparation of colors and handmade brushes made from bamboo sticks and squirrel hair.
  • We use a fusion of traditional methods along with modern techniques that become the core of the spirit of the times.

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