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Baabroz is a thriving art school and design studio in Lahore. The center is teaching many skillful courses for youngsters. Few are designing courses and IT courses. While others are Fine arts courses. We are an updated training center in Lahore. So, we offer three main courses. Design, IT, and Fine Arts Course.

The Baabroz training Institute has qualified teachers and tutors. These tutors are aware of the market and current needs. Baabroz offers courses to students who can train the students as per the market.

Our aim is to get the students ready for a whole journey. In our center, we currently aim at the three most important types of skills. These skills are IT training, design courses, and fine arts courses.

IT Training Center

We know that the field of IT is changing every day.  We aim to train our students so they can match with these changes. These days focus is not on knowledge but on skills. When a student joins a market, he isn’t aware of this process.

IT training

Our IT courses focus on vital things like making a site, digital marketing, and SEO. In our IT Training center we are offering many IT courses:

  • We’ll teach you web development. We know that the web is the main aspect of a company. Each company in the market is looking for a web developer. During our IT courses, you will learn details about making a site. Further, you will apply the details as well.
  • The other aspect of our IT training is digital marketing. We know that this skill has a lot of demand in this era. Our center has qualified staff and has the market best IT Experts who will teach you the details of Marketing.
  • Also, in Baabroz we cover SEO as well as the main skill. SEO is in demand for a long time. But it got viral due to the internet. Our experts are aware of SEO practices. We’ll teach you this skill to make you an expert as well.

The Design Studio

Baabroz is a famous design studio in Lahore. We know the need for a design for a company. Design is an image of the company that shows the details in a single image. Design covers a whole aspect of the company. But, we offer this course in a large way.

Design Studio

In our Institute, we cover

  • graphic design
  • interior design
  • photography
  • Video Editing
  • 3d animation
  • VFX Motion Graphics

Our courses train you to excel in the market on your own. Our studio covers a course in the long-term style. We want to make you a designer, not a software user.

We know that the term design covers a wide range. Besides graphic designing, Interior designing, we are covering photography, video editing, 3d animations, game designing, and motion graphics as well. Our experts are qualified from the best institute in the country like NCA, PIFD, and PU. In our all design courses, we are covering the best software as per the market demand according to course. Whether you need Adobe, Autodesk, 2d, and 3d programs we offer all.

Our design studio and IT training center are an ideal chance to kick-start your career. We offer many courses all involve pre, post, and main production levels. And These courses will give you a chance to make your name as a professional in the local market of Pakistan also with that a good freelancer in the international market.

The Art School

Baabroz art school covers a unique range of courses. Unlike other schools, we value the need for art. If you love to act or draw and sketch,  Baabroz is the best center to polish your skills.

We are an art school with the best tutors in the acting, drawing, sketching, and fashion designing field. Our tutors are qualified from NCA, PIFD, and PU. They have the desire to transfer their knowledge.

Also, we cover a hidden skill in our art school. Sketching and drawing is a skill known to few. Baabroz helps you know your hidden talent.

art school

We need to know that we can limit the arts. It can change its shapes and forms. Drawing is a form of art that shows your true feelings in the best way. Further, these days sketching is an in-demand skill in the freelancing market.

Our school helps you convert your feelings to the sketch board in a creative way. So, whether you need Designing training or IT training or want to learn a new skill, then join our training center!

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